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What We Offer

Le Roi D&D is a company registered in Canada and providing design and development services worldwide. Our goal is to help our customers grow and thrive. With a dedicated team we go all the way to create designs and solutions for a growing world.

We Understand Requirements

Expertised work team, focused on understanding the requirements of our customers.

We Work Precisely ​

Compromised with our clients, Le Roi D&D delivers your solution in a reasonable time.

We Deliver Best Output​

Our goal: transform the image of your project, and hand in hand, give you that boost you need.

Our Expert Team

A sample of our work team, committed to satisfying our clients, providing a quality service backed by good design practices and the development of solutions. Le Roi was born uniting the expertise and the experiences of a multidisciplinary team that thrives on teamwork, with values among which stand out: honesty, humility, respect, patience, gratitude and empathy.

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Anay Hernández


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Reydel Blanco

Project Leader


Gabriela Rodríguez

Creative Director

We provide a robust and durable solution

We accompany our clients in their growth