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We are proud of our solutions. Our customers are part of us for current and future success. Le Roi shares you a sample of some of those projects in which we have collaborated.

Web Design & Development


Design and development of website for medical purposes. It was a great pleasure to work with Dr. Joel Caballero, who not only implements state-of-the-art techniques in Ecuador, he is also an exponent of neurosurgery worldwide. Being part of this project made us enter a new and incredible world, where hope comes to life and heals. We appreciate having had the opportunity to make this web solution available to your patients.

"I was very pleased with my website. It was a quick job, with better quality than what I could design in my mind. I am happy to be able to show part of my work as a neurosurgeon, to be able to go further, and save more lives... Thanks to Le Roi team."
Dr. Joel Caballero, Neurosurgeon
"Fragance Light soy candles are among the most exquisite I have bought in recent months. This company knows very well the concept of quality and the value of natural things"
Brenda Greene
Online Store

Fragrance Light

A family business dedicated to the study and development of organic candles, in order to create an entirely natural product that does not affect the health of people or the environment.



UPKUBA is a travel agency dedicated to the sale of tourist packages to Cuba, paperwork services for managing these packages, cruise offers... Le Roi provided the branding service to this new project.

"I have to say I was blessed the day I met him, as I was literally struggling to fulfil a challenging project that I could finally manage thanks to his assistance."
Yari Hdez
"In addition to being a professional team, they are young people with creative and innovative ideas and they give each project their best solution "
Ivelisse Fernandez
Web Design

City of Tomorrow

Thanks to our mentoring program, we support the startups that will make the city of tomorrow. The initiatives supported all have the same ambition:

Develop the tools and skills necessary for the transformation of the Territories. By bringing together real estate players committed to innovation, we embody the vertical of the digital and environmental transformation of the City of Tomorrow sector brings together the best of each ecosystem: entrepreneurship (HEC incubator based at Station F)

Web Design & Development

BSC Young Boys (Fan Club)

This is the website of a fan club of the Young Boys soccer team from Switzerland, a website dedicated to putting information about the matches.

"I would recommend his services to anyone interested; I am certain he will not disappoint."
Deborah de los Angeles

Roxti, Adoption Association

ROXTI is a french project investment association, created in 2020 with aid societies, creation of shelters and intergenerational projects. Roxti has aid programs aimed to cover the needs of children and adults in need…


Hostal Inside Brand

The Hostel was born in a house in Old Havana from the beginning of the last century. Colonial windows and colorful stained glass windows allow the passage of light and the humid breeze coming from the sea, blue and in love, that embraces the city.

"They're not only a creative and skilled professionals, but also, they're results-oriented and kind. The latter is overtly important in a business where the level of customers’ satisfaction is difficult to achieve."
Magui Abuin
"I liked the whole work. It's a beautiful site. I'm happy."
Dr. Ever Castellanos
Web Design and development


Design and development of website for medical purposes. Dr. Ever Castellanos is a successful neurosurgeon, based in Honduras, with excellent results in many countries. Again, Le Roi D&D becomes part of a beautiful medical project.

Thanks for bringing us this opportunity Dr. Castellanos.

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